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Nieuwe Haven 23
a.d. 1607

Dordrecht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands and received its city rights in 1220. Dordrecht grew up in the Middle Ages and developed into a trading and administrative center of Holland and already experienced its own golden age in the 14th century. Walking along the inner harbours, the important transhipment goods from that time can still be clearly found in street names, such as Wijnstraat. The city center breathes history and that is also its great charm.

Aelbert Cuyp

The earliest construction of the location where the B&B building is located dates from 1607. At the time, the building consisted of two parts: “de Cleijne Nagtegael” and “de Geertruijdenbergse Swaen”.

Father Cuyp rented the house and little Aelbert was born here in 1620. He was the only child of Jacob Cuyp, a landscape painter born in Dordrecht. In 1658 married Aelbert Cornelia Boschman. At that time he had already had an impressive career as a painter. After 1660 he held various positions in the Reformed Church. Cuyp died in 1691, four years after his wife, and was buried in the Augustijnenkerk in Dordrecht.

Aelbert Cuyp is one of the most important landscape painters of the Golden Age. In his painting he was attracted to the chivalric and dynastic culture. It became very popular in England in the 18th century. Much of his work is in British collections, but a number of his paintings can also be seen in the Rijksmuseum and the Dordrechts Museum.

Rob & Yvonne


We are Rob and Yvonne, the proud owners of B&B De Cleijne Nagtegael. We are described as hard workers, but we find fun and relaxation just as important. We enjoy music, dining out, taking trips or spending time with our children, grandchildren, family and friends! We both come from Dordrecht, we are proud of that, we know the city – with all its well-known and lesser-known pearls – like the back of our hand.

In 2020, this beautiful monumental building on the harbor in the historic city center of Dordrecht was for sale, we fell in love immediately. We wanted to live here and start a B&B! There was al lot of work to do, because the building had been badly neglected in maintenance. But after a major renovation, the building has become beautiful.

At one point we accidentally found out that the building is on the birthplace of Aelbert Cuyp. The house that stood there was called “De Cleijne Nagtegael”. With this unexpected information, the choice for the name of the B&B was of course made quickly. With the opening of De Cleijne Nagtegael, our long-cherished dream of running our own bed & breakfast has become reality. We think it’s fantastic that we have created a special place to sleep in this unique place for everyone who wants to discover beautiful Dordrecht. We can’t wait to receive you and to give you an unforgettable experience!


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